BBQ Ribs In The Oven

The YouTube channel Cooking with Ry features lots of traditional barbecue recipes where you use a grill or smoker to cook your meat. But in this video recipe for Easy Baby Back Ribs Made In The Oven, Ry shows you how to make baby back ribs in the oven that replicate the flavors and texture from traditional smoked ribs.

Pressure Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Sam The Cooking Guy has more than 1 million subscribers. In one THIS video, he outlines how to make BBQ pulled pork in a pressure cooker along with everything else you need to make a perfect pulled pork sandwich. Sam’s approach is unique in that he also shows you where he makes mistakes, and that’s very relatable.

Sweet Heat Strawberry Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

The YouTube channel Cooking with BBQ PIT BOYS features sweet berry stuffed, bacon wrapped Jalapenos will change the game from the same old Poppers. A BBQ sweetheart favorite.

Smoked Lollipop Chicken w/ Mango Habanero Sauce

Think a lollipop chicken recipe is bold on its own? @BBQGuys recipe uses 8 (yes, 8!) habanero peppers in a sweet-and-spicy sauce? If you’re wondering who on Earth would dream up such a devious dish, whose chicken lollipops on the Weber Kettle will make for a game-changing appetizer at your next tailgate event